Meta Description: Find yourself the latest victim of Facebook hacking? Follow these steps to get a hold of your account and minimize damage as much as possible.

What will you do when you confirm that your Facebook account was hacked? For most people, it can be a nightmare. Imagine this scenario: someone else has access to your private messages and photos, enabling the cyberpunk to post abusive messages to your friends and delete your personal information.

You might ask yourself, “How can I open my Facebook account now?”

In a world where your Facebook account is akin to a close representation of your everyday life, it is imperative to update your password regularly and keep a tight rein on your Facebook’s security settings to avoid this exact scenario.

How to confirm if your Facebook account was breached?

Before you do any damage control, you need to first make sure that someone did trespass into your profile. There is an easy way to confirm a hacked Facebook account.

Go to: Facebook Profile < Account Settings < Security < Where You’re Logged In

You can now check if the list of log-ins to your account is authentic. If you see any suspicious activity, then you can safely surmise that someone did hack into your profile. You can press “End Activity” to log out the unauthorized access.

Some other telltale signs that someone else is using your account include the following:

– Personal information was edited, for instance, your birthday, location, email, and password

– Private messages sent out to your friends, but you were not the author

– Posts on your timeline you did not publish

What to do when you have a hacked Facebook account?

Once you realize that someone did hack into your account, fast reflexes should be in action. Below are some useful tips you can immediately do when you have a hacked Facebook account.

  1. You need to do an immediate password change. You can instantaneously do this if the hacker did not edit your password. However, please bear in mind, do not just make some random password. Make sure that your new access code is as secure as possible so you can say to yourself, “I can now open my Facebook account in peace.”

When updating your access code, it is preferable to have a long one. The longer your code, the lesser the probability of compromise. Think about a 12-character access or longer. Create a good mix of capitalizations, numbers, and special characters.

  1. If a cyberpunk did change your passcode, you could reset your access. Do not be dismayed when this happens. You can still regain access to your Facebook account. You can go to the “Forgot your password” link to the Facebook login page and follow the process indicated therein.
  2. You should report your compromised Facebook account. Note that you should not only do this when your account gets hacked but also when the hacker sends spam and malicious messages to your friends.

After following the guidelines above and before you do a “Yes, I open my Facebook account!” dance, you need to make sure that the hacker did not change any other personal information and settings in your account. Do a thorough inspection of all information in your Facebook profile and make a mental note to better practice security guidelines.