Difference Between FB profile, Pages and Groups

Facebook is a globe’s largest online social network. A Billion users have been working with this system. This social platform provides multiple options to fix your online appearance with the matters. You suppose to have an FB profile, page, and group or attach with your friends and may be in general public. Some users normally do not aware of these options and they wouldn’t use it in the right way also.

There are many questions you might ask yourself about the Facebook profiles, Facebook pages, and Facebook groups. First of all, you want to analyze what purpose you have to make these items. Facebook profiles, groups and pages all are features. It is used for to get the connection with everything matters lives with their friends, business, interest, celebrity and etc. Whatever it may be, you could sharply analyze how they will use their OpenMyFacebook and when they are using it.


Difference Between FB profile, Pages and Groups

If you do create your fresh account on Facebook that it could be considered automatically a profile. Just you think of an FB profile as your personal page. On this page can give your quick summary report about you. (I.e. school, college, your company, designation, what is your favorite movies are and etc) .Then place to post your status can feel what currently you are thinking, doing, express and so more. Then quickly make establish your account by some of the users can come and connect their profile with you. In a recent announcement from Facebook, cannot keep more than 5000 friends in a profile. This Facebook profile is just an equipment to appear you with your friend’s circle.

You can personalize your Facebook profile by following properties:

  • Write your small smart info
  • Your favorite photo albums
  • Using profile picture and cover photo
  • Name of your working place
  • Include your alma things
  • Add your Native place
  • Add your family members
  • Update your marital status
  • Make an interest list
  • Looking for: Friendship, Business, Networking, Men, Women

This list would be long. You could add as much you want to include your information. If you add more info, then users can easily sense of you. Using this you can do message friends and view friend’s status of their newsfeed and then share their personal updates.


Difference Between FB profile, Pages and Groups

Facebook pages are nothing but similar to the profile page. But it consists some terms and conditions, and it permits public figures, business, organization and other entities to make a public presence on Facebook. This page defaults to visible for everyone on the internet. By using this item, you can get to connect by liking with this type of pages. Then you will get the updates on your newsfeed and easily get interact with them. Then you will become the great fan of the page.

  • Believability is the main core of the OpenMyFacebook.
  • This page is mostly used for official representatives of the public matters, business, and organization.
  • For example, some TV shows couldn’t see at the correct time. By using this Facebook Pages, you can easily get the information about the latest updates and with other relative information directly from the people.
  • If you want to create your Facebook page, first you have to select the category firmly and keep maintaining properly with the new updates.
  • Facebook is having one separate team; this team is being focused identifying the verification on the site. If anyone recognizes to be fake, spam or abusive page then quickly it will make proper inquiry and find out anything wrong with their terms after they remove those pages at their request.
  • And in this section one more option is there, you can do remove yourself if you want to discontinue it.
  • Dissimilar profile, a Facebook page can have unlimited

How to create a page

  • Homepage
  • Create a page
  • Choose a section (you can choose a more particular type from the drop-down menu)
  • Just filled your information
  • After that get started with the following their instructions.

Facebook Groups

Difference Between FB profile, Pages and Groups

A Facebook group is a small forum, and it’s designed for people’s extensive involvement and shares their opinion that is relevant to their interest. This forum or group permits users to come in concert about the general case, launch some new organize and convey their aims, then discuss that, can post some photos and messages.

When you make a group in public, anyone can quickly join, but in this case, the admin has to approve that user for join or hold in private. Here can interact and share their ideas with each other new posts by a group member.

In this section, three type of group can be represent

Public – Everyone can join or be added by a member

Secret – only members can do post

Closed – Everyone can ask to join, they will be added

For example, one sports group organizing their team activities in a group, they can share their thoughts and updates on their subject and show your support for each other.

You can stay connected on an OpenMyFacebook by pages, groups, etc. you can also do help for Facebook if you find any fake pages or abusive pages. You can just make click the report links in the bottom of the left corner.

How to make create a Group

  • Homepage
  • Go to Group section
  • Add Group
  • Click create a new group
  • Just filled up the information (group name, add members and choose some privacy settings – finally click create –then completed).