Facebook is a widely used social networking website service. OpenMyFacebook is one of the popular and free social networks. It allows creating profiles for users and the users can share their photographs, videos, suggestions, links to other information, play games and chat to keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues and unknown persons. Facebook is available in 37 languages with their features. The shared information’s are made publicly accessible or only shared with a selected group of peoples or family or with a single person.

The website:

Path History of Facebook                                   

Facebook started in February 2004; it is a school based social media at Harvard University.  Facebook was invented by Mark Zuckerberg and Edward Saverin. Who are the students of that University?  In the present, Facebook creation purpose was profiling to students and staff. In the beginning, if you wish to join Facebook must you have an email address at one of the schools in the network and then the restriction was extended. The high school version of Facebook was created in September 2005. Then, the Facebook accessing authority given to some particular foundations is like Apple and Microsoft. Finally, in 2006, the account has been created for anyone more than13 years older and got a high place in a social network over the past years.

How to Start a Facebook Account

Register your name and email address on Facebook, after the registered user can make a profile and add personalize info like the photo, working place, what you like and what you don’t like etc.

  • To create an OpenMyFacebook Account
  • Use the link page
  • Enter your username, email or phone number, passcode, date of birth and gender.
  • Enter sign up.
  • Now your account will be created. For login, you should need an email or phone number.


Benefits of Facebook

You can manage your friend’s list and change privacy settings like who can see your profile. The chat facility is ease of connecting the people. You can comment on your friend’s photos and like their profiles and pages. Facebook allows creating groups, business pages, fan pages, and etc.

Facebook permits you to update snaps, manage the albums and ask your questions. It can share your memories with friends. Whenever you can use on, can do your mobile via the Facebook app and you can update status.

Now a day’s every internet users are using OpenMyFacebook so easily you can find your old friends to reconnecting with them. And it offers ads placement services the ads can promote your business. It gives a great entertainment to the users and many people use Facebook for play games.

Drawbacks of Facebook

Many hackers are attacking others Facebook account, they can modify their personal details and theft a sensible database. Facebook and any other websites can’t check all type of viruses it can make danger to your computer.

One of the major disadvantages is people can addictive easily, once you connected with OpenMyFacebook and then spend more time with commenting, playing games and searching others profile. All users know the disadvantages of using Facebook but they can’t stop using it.

Your personal life updates will notice by everyone so your privacy is compromised. A mainly, lot of drawbacks around the teenagers they lose their other interests but they do not realize it.